Why physicians need to embrace value based payment systems Now:

1. Payer Adoption is Inevitable.
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The transition from historical fee-for-service payment structures is here and accelerating. CMS plans to tie 50% of its Medicare population to value based payment methods by 2018. Being proactive now places physicians in a position of strength when the program is launched nationally.

2. If Physicians Don’t Manage the Episode of Care, Someone Else Will.
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The CMS BPCI program is a disruptive catalyst in the shift to value based payment, resetting the landscape among long-standing stakeholders who are jockeying to control the bundled payment. Physicians have precedence in the ownership of an episode. If they don’t exercise it, other parties will economically benefit.

3. Physicians are Best Positioned to Succeed.
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85% of the money spent in our health care system is dependent on the choices physicians make for the care of their patients. We believe physicians are the most influential stakeholders and should be a significant participant in the economic benefits derived from the management of their patients.

We Broaden the Financial Levers that Physicians can Exercise.

Episode Solutions possesses business acumen and expertise in the musculoskeletal arena that enables us to extract opportunities others cannot. We secure payor contracts at the market mean with terms and conditions that are highly favorable, allowing physicians to capture more upside while mitigating their downside risk. We deploy our device cost management platform as appropriate, providing physicians an additional savings opportunity that they can leverage for their practice.

We Manage the Details So Physicians Don’t Have To.

Our comprehensive episode management program starts at the time a decision for surgery is made. We collaboratively build patient-specific pathways and proactively manage care transitions, effectively extending the reach of the physician’s practice throughout their patient’s episode of care. We assume responsibility for new workflows needed to successfully manage episodes, letting physicians focus on patient care. Further, we manage payor requirements, allowing physicians and their staff to adopt a consistent workflow across all of their value-based payment contracts.

We Succeed Only If Our Physician Partners Succeed.

From our perspective and experience, there is no greater clarifying and trust building measure than to be economically aligned with our physician partners. Thus, our business model with physicians is, at its core, simple. We benefit only if our physician partners benefit. We construct a vehicle that enables physicians to capture and manage the portion of their patient’s spend that occurs outside the walls of their practice and only participate in the savings generated from doing so. We put our capital at risk alongside their own, laying the foundation for a long-term, successful partnership.