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Your brand is the sum of how and what you convey to your targeted audience (clients, customers, patients, members). The better you communicate your understanding of that audience's interests, needs and desires, the stronger your brand.

Since your audience sees your business or organization in many mediums - in print and on the web – it is essential to create a brand experience that imparts a consistent message across all of those mediums.

Each use of your branding, whether in print, on the web, or in other media, reinforces your message and makes a lasting impression on your audience. Consistency in design is essential to enhancing the strength, and resulting effectiveness, of your brand in connecting with your audience.

Flourish Design Studio specializes in brand development – from the creation of the brand image with logo design to corresponding print and website development and design. Let us be your brand specialists!


A strong brand image starts with a logo. Every reputable business has a logomark that symbolizes its unique value in the marketplace.

Logo design focuses on the creation of a perfectly simple image that helps your clients identify, and identify with, your business or organization.

Not only must your logo represent your brand image in the present, it must have a timelessness that allows it to be equally effective as your organization continues to grow and evolve.

A logo becomes the seed of your branding, and is included on every piece of web and print design created to represent your business or organization.

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Print design encompasses all of the collateral that lands in the hands of your potential clients, customers, or members.

Starting with communication materials such as business cards, stationery systems of letterhead, note cards and envelopes, your image is conveyed with each use.

In addition, your company or organization may need brochures, rack cards, catalogs, newsletters, packaging, ads or other printed materials.

Your brand is enhanced by design that attends to the hierarchy of attention: delivering the intended message at the right time to your audience. Flourish Design Studio carefully crafts your messages using design standards that include an understanding of how an audience perceives images and messages, as well as with careful attention to understanding your unique audience.

Flourish Design Studio is ready to handle any of your print material needs.



web design

Web design is an essential part of a company or organization's branding. Whether it's a storefront, or a corporate site, your internet presence should empower your business.

Your virtual storefront must be easy to find, attractive to the eye, effortless to enter and navigate, and provide your clients with rich information and/or user-friendly e-commerce functionality.

Your corporate or organizational site must enhance your brand image by using graphics and language powerfully and succinctly to engage individuals visiting your website.

Flourish Design Studio's unique expertise in both the art and science of web design guarantees that you will have a highly functional and beautifully engaging website with full search engine optimization.

Furthering your online presence with Wordpress blogging, Twitter or YouTube? Extend your brand by customizing your social network pages! Flourish Design Studio can do this and more to help you fully engage your online clientele.


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