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Xpajun Off-Road has become one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of body lift kits, not just in the UK but right across the world. We now supply kits and parts for every marque of off-roader, and advise wherever possible on the type and height of kit you require. Just remember Xpajun Off-Road either has the parts, or are designing the parts, to help turn your truck into an Xtreme off-roader. If you can't see what you are looking for please ask to see if we can find or manufacture it for you.

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What is New In Store

We've been doing some changes on our store, we now have a faster server, this means less waiting for our products to load and faster checkout!
Coming Soon

Since we introduced brake hose and extension tubes, we've come up with the idea of Mega kits. These kits contain the bits you will need to complete your lift - so no desperate rushing around trying to find that hose clip - we've included it! Oh and the best thing about Mega kits? We've discounted them, so you get all you want and cheaper too!!!

We have other things in the pipeline as well to make your truck Xtreme Off-Road. Be one of the first to find out what is new by subscribing to our Newsletter or our RSS news feed.
New Body Kits

We are constantly adding new kits and variations to existing kits to keep up with the changes made by manufacturers. If you feel that your truck model may not be listed, please do not hesitate to contact us, so you too can be Xtreme Off-Road

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