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ICANN calls for wholesale DNSSEC deployment

In light of the recent DNS hijacking attacks, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is urging domain owners and DNS services to implement DNSSEC post-haste. “Although DNSSEC cannot solve all forms of attack …


Blocking compromised passwords from the Collection leak

It all started with Collection #1, a monster breach dubbed as the biggest data dump in history with its 773 million unique email addresses, and 22 million unique passwords. The exposed data was a compilation of previous thefts (Yahoo, Linked, …

RSA Conference 2015

Don’t miss these keynotes at RSAC 2019

RSA Conference keynotes look a little different this year. We’ve dedicated two stages to keynotes this year instead of the usual one, and we’ve got more presenters speaking to a broader range of topics than ever before. The theme for RSA …

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