Expert-Chatbot Aileen – Part 1 – Basics

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Welcome to our series of programming Aileen. Aileen is a Chatbot augemented with Expert-Knowledge in the field of Color-Psychology. At first we introduce some basic principles behind Chatbots, what they were made for and what the difference between a Chatbot and an Expertbot is. Chatbots have been an interesting research area for years and they […]

Cascade Classification – Boosting Run-Time Performance of Classification-Tasks

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In many applications, real-time image analysis is mandatory. An industry-robot, which needs five seconds to recognize objects on an image is mostly very limited in usage. On the other hand latest applications require detecting objects and positons as accurate as possible. Using some high-performance GPUs optimized for deep learning and latest research advances like YOLO, […]

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Last time we walked through the MinMax-Algorithm. This algorithm itself without any adaptions would be already enough, if we want to create an AI which is playing perfectly. As this approach guarantees to find the action which will always yield in a victory even/due to if both players play perfectly. This also holds true for […]


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Using rules of thumb we created a pretty good AI in the post before. However it is still easy to beat the AI once you understood that the AI is not able to detect incoming “Trap-Situations” where the Player sets up a situation in which the AI is not able to win or deny four […]

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Especially in the field of Machine Learning, you will read about an approach called “Data Augmentation”. This idea is great to boost the performance of your Machine Learning Models. First at all, we want to clarify what Data Augmentation means. Data Augmentation is an approach to generate more training samples for your model without actually […]