The whole world knows that.

I estimate that the work will cost more than $10,000.

It's so hard to decide.

Put it on one bill, please.


We've been wasting a lot of time.


Dick passed the photo to me.

Did you see what happened yesterday?

It isn't worth it.


I swam toward the shore.


I have a few things I want to make clear.


They guarantee this clock for a year.

We love that girl.

He likes all animals except horses.


What have you brought?


We all shuddered from the great shock.


Would you mind if I watched TV for a while?

Floria gave Earle a kiss.

I really am glad you're here.

It looked like a strike to me from here.

I'm studying English at home.

I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.

What is life?


I'm holding it.

I advise that you do as I want.

What do you have against those people?

Who does Israel think he is anyway?

I'm sure everything's OK.

Many people underestimate the importance of water to the body.

When the girl entered the room, some boys made fun of her because of her little hat.


It is delicious.

Are you sure it'll work?

I've been waiting for the right time.


Donnie was trying to escape.

That's what I'm asking you.

He always wants to have the last word.


Children enjoying making a splash in water as they come off a waterslide.

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Just trust me.

Esperanto is pretty much of a non-language.

They're very good.

The ambassador is leaving Japan tonight.

After school, I go to an English school to practice English conversation.

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I need to let him know.

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Jesus is a little concerned about Surya.


I drink his beer.

This is a silver coin.

Because of hydraulic fracturing, used to extract natural gas, the earthquake risk for Oklahoma his risen exponentially and is now the same as for coastline from Alaska to California.

I'll return in ten minutes.

Knut just couldn't stop himself from eating the whole bag of potato chips.


Try to utilize your leisure for reading.


I guess we could do that.

I'll explain the reason in the fifth chapter of this book.

I was supposed to be home before midnight. My parents will kill me.

What are you doing here this time of night?

He talks as if he were rich.

I don't have a cent.

How do you make Mirano?

Did you ask the others?

I'll talk to Mats later.


He gave me this doll in token of his gratitude.


Her eyes sparkled like diamonds.

Which city is larger, Boston or Chicago?

It was piercingly cold outside.

I needed some hours to open it.

Lots of people make that mistake.

She's only a couple of years older than me.

Bertrand wants to learn some French songs.

Tell me what you're looking for and I'll help you find it.

You're just jealous, that's all.

Christina has already left for school.

Some kids had balloons.

The music put my imagination to work.

The experiment was a conspicuous failure.


They're on our side.


We're pretty competitive.

I believe the answer is yes.

If you agree to become an organ donor, you may help save someone's life.

Thad clicked the lights on.

The house had its roof ripped off by the storm.

I'd like to express my gratitude to all those who have contributed to make my sentences better.

Hirotoshi seems unreliable.

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This is all I've got left.

The rhythm is light, and the tempo fast - that song is liked by young people.

You know they won't allow you to do that, right?

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Let's put the past behind us.


He slowly moved forward.

It took years for me to do this.

I've known that for a while.

No one claims that he's a saint.

Who's looking at me?


She is no stranger to me.

"Hi, is this Ronald?" "No, it's Casey. Lynn says Hello."

Egyptian began to be written using the Greek alphabet in the 1st century.

I need to escape from this decree.

Although the accident has delayed progress by one month, we have managed to catch up with the schedule.

They couldn't decide whether to go to the mountains or the sea.

They're giving Darci medication.

Cole watched the plane disappear into the distance.

My brother was hurt in the accident.

We need more doctors like you.

He was not at all satisfied.

It is difficult to keep up a conversation with someone who only says Yes and No.

The problem is his.

Who's your primary physician?

Jiri rubbed the magic lamp, and immediately the table was covered with delicious dishes.

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Don't tell your dad.

Charlene and Adlai were friends.

We gathered all the books together and put them in the spare room.

Irritating, isn't it?

If you are idle, you will have a hard time.

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The bomb has been placed and armed.


The parade passed our school.


I know Jesper isn't busy.

Hand me that book, please.

I think Tomas is unfair.

I need a flight departing from Milwaukee to Indianapolis leaving Monday before 8am.

I meant to ask you a question in the meeting but I missed out.

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She can speak and write in French.

Granville is choking to death.

They held Donna for a few hours and then let him go free.

I already said yes.

Tony won't listen to her friend's advice.

Shahid came to see me last summer.

Things can happen very quickly.

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Can I share?

Whether he studies or goes into business, I won't stop him.

According to this figure, the reflection angle equals the incidence angle.


When will you arrive?


Grab a broom and help us clean.


I'm certain that Mum will be angry.

Annard said he wouldn't stay here with me.

George went back to sleep as if nothing had happened.

Can we do it again?

Will is a devout Catholic.


I don't know what you expect me to do about it.

I think we make a good team.

Do you have any bait?

Good heavens!

At last, you've hit the nail on the head!


We need to give the rota to human resources.


I knew then and there that I could never get along with Clyde.

They rarely go there.

Do we have to go now?

I told them you were hungry.

There are thousands of languages in the world, but only one is the bridge to all of their speakers.

She found it hard to concentrate.

I feel like taking a trip.

I have to make another call.

I am not a professional.

I wonder what Jared is up to.

When was the last time you told your wife 'I love you'?


She's very protective of him.

It was an advantage having learned Chinese while I was in school.

Creativity is what we're looking for.

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I have no idea what to do next.


I need to go to sleep before midnight.

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He addressed my full attention to the landscape outside.

I'll stay in Berlin for ten days.

It was terribly painful.