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Put the bags over there.

Paul walked over to Heinz and kissed her.

Who likes reading books?

Jock walked to the store to buy some milk.

I absolutely love going to concerts not just because I get a chance to meet the musician or singer but because of the wondrous feeling of a live performance.

I talk to him more than you do.

What if you fall asleep?

You fired Roxane, didn't you?

I've always wanted to visit Boston.

But I'll never be defeated, never lose my way.

Was it something I said?

I love him, but he lives in another country.

He was apt to boast of his knowledge.

I'll take that risk.

The trade agreement must provide a level playing field in which to compete.

The moon is shining bright.

I'll go look.


You work for me.


She did what she promised to do for you.


Jacques is used to getting what he wants.


The dress suit you very well.

I'm very fortunate.

Don't forget to tell them.


Do you remember what Terrance said?


Varda taught Hurf how to write songs.

The article on Buddhism revived my interest in Oriental religions.

I just saw him three hours ago.

Moving into the new office took her one month.

Is this an invitation?

Konstantinos cut off his finger with a circular saw.

I don't need to be here right now.

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He pretended to be an Englishman, but his foreign accent gave him away.

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Don't you want any orange juice?

Vulgarity can be a source of hilarity.

It seemed that Lisa was at a loss.

Nelson Mandela was one of those rare people who manage to win universal acclaim throughout the world.

Where were you standing?


Why won't anybody help me?

There's no communication between the two countries.

This corn hurts a lot.


Start at once, and you will catch up with him.

She regretted deeply when she looked back on her life.

Taurus lives in France yet works in Belgium.

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He showed a great reluctance to help me.

I really don't get you.

This pen is the best.

This is expensive.

Do any of you need medical assistance?

I verily believe that your convictions are false.

I could ask you the same thing.


Sanford couldn't blame Betsy for saying what she did.

I don't think Robin is the one who needs to apologize.

Did you ring him yesterday?

Mother has gone shopping.

I told you I was busy.

There is no denying the fact that no one is free from racial prejudice.

Are you the medical examiner?


Why give it to me now?

We used to swim in this lake.

Pim has invited me to come and stay with him in Boston.

My teeth hurt.

As far as I know, there is a lesson this evening.

I had to get them to school.

This is strictly about business.

I usually have a light breakfast.

Kaj doesn't know who Nicolo is going to go to Boston with.

Cory is sleeping in the next room.

The investigation is continuing.

It was a pleasure to meet you Stella, I am so sorry for whatever I said to irk you the wrong way.

Axel is a good kisser.

I don't deserve all the credit.

Do you like Schweppes?

There was blood all over the floor.

Don't look down on others.

Here's the house she used to live in.

Do you think he still keeps my letters?

Do you realize what time it is? What were you up to at this time of night?

Do you think Timo is dead?

This is Ali's book.

It was a long time ago.

He is five feet tall.

He has never visited her.

It's outside your jurisdiction.

Perhaps we overlooked something.


He awoke to find himself lying on the bed in the hospital.

I asked the villagers many times to let me die.

That was incredible.

I can't apologize enough.

Tatoeba is helping to improve my Esperanto.


Ross prefers to stay.

That movie was extremely interesting.

I know you are rich.

Try as you may, you will never get him to agree.

Don't worry. It'll be over soon.

Who're you calling now?

For all his political activities he was in essence a singer.


Let me help you. Your bag looks very heavy.

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You were jealous, weren't you?

Having people on the moon has been a dream for many.

I don't even want you here.

Stagger certainly seemed to enjoy the party last Friday night.

I don't write poetry anymore.

The bread dough we made in home economics class turned out as salt dough.

Where's the rest of our class?

Gale probably didn't go either.

We argued him into going.

We've got some difficult days ahead of us.

What else can I do to help you?

Does anybody want these?

I'm very sorry for the mistake.

We won't win.

He refused to eat his lunch.


How did the new president deal with the problem?

That purchase was a good bargain.

In the eyes of many, poverty is much worse than vice: it's a weakness.

What did you give me?

I'll call you as soon as I hear anything.

Elliott saw a mouse.

As time went on, our hopes sank.


You're living in a fantasy land.

I've never asked you for anything.

Greg likes it here.

I can't play chess yet.

I should know that.

Marsha threw up before the play because she was so nervous.

For me it is not yet known.

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Find out who they are.

I didn't expect this.

Krzysztof didn't talk to anybody.


Ruching and shirring are not the same thing. For starters, shirring involves elasticized threads in parallel rows.

Ramneek didn't mention why he couldn't come.

At first, he could not speak English at all.

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Can I use your dictionary for a minute?

Poor sap. He can't tell when he's being taken advantage of.

Brett was trying to protect you.

When did you have time to do that?

You might want to bring a camera with you.

Some retarded teenager is assailing the statistics again.

He lives some where about the park.

We gathered all the books together and put them in the spare room.

As we dive deeper, the water becomes colder.

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The students were not respectful towards their teacher.

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Roland teased me about it.

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Have you heard the rumor about the new transfer student?

I'm still seeing her.

She can understand everything I am saying.

Mysore didn't wake me up.

She has no brothers.

I felt disgust at his behavior.

This milk will keep for two days.

Elsa didn't mean to step on Claire's toes.

I don't worry about her.

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Is she still here?

No one loves you, Miltos.

What makes you smile?

Will you turn on the television?

I've been way busier than expected.

Have you ever decorated pottery?

I'm being sensible.

You need protection.

I need these shoes in size ten please!

We'll be up late tonight.

Do you think Ross has already gone to bed?

I'll be damned if it's true.

When are you going to marry him?

What does he do for a living?

What kind of information do you need?


Takao said you might be coming by.

Did Lawrence tell you we were coming?

That's the way I feel.


Let's meet Leigh at the station.