You're asking me a question I can't answer.

I'll pay for it myself.


He asked me whether I like math.

It is springtime.

None of us will go to Boston with Howard.


They kept quiet so that they would not be found.

The box is well sealed

Wait till next year.

You are guilty.

Do we have to be nice to him?

The concept they offered was overarching.

We're the only ones who'll be there.

A pygmy is something that is a very small example of its type.

Don't buy me any more presents.

Lenora gave Moore permission to drive his car.

I've just received some delightful news.

That's a blood orange.

The more we learn, the more we forget.

He confessed that he was guilty.

The small business man failed and his business went down for the count.

I have to convince him to come.

He had the kindness to help me with my work.

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Angela shouldn't have left so early.


Aren't you ready?

Those green suits are special suits for reducing the risk of biological contamination.

This is totally worthless.

At best I can do only half of what you did.

It was sensible of you to follow her advice.

There's a vital link between the two.

The weather was miserable yesterday.

We have to go on.

Olaf says he intended to go shopping.

I have a free spirit.

I've been living in this house since last month.


Little by little you will begin to comprehend the text without translations or explanations.


We know about him.

I will be blessed this year.

We're going out tonight.

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You can make another one if this one breaks.


Could you please get the jar of peanut butter from the top shelf for me?

She fell in love with an older man.

He didn't have enough experience to cope with the problem.

Why do I always get up at this time?

We all need to pay it forward.

Dani told Petr she was wasting her time.

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

Don't fall for his old tricks.

Graham is absolutely right.


I was hoping I was wrong.


It looks like you've finally decided.

I heard you bought a new trombone.

In the absence of a better idea I had to choose this method.


Miek has always hated me.

I know that you and Ellen snuck away from school yesterday.

If you engage in espionage for a foreign power, you are selling your country down the river.


Let's stop here and wait for Victor.

Who benefits?

Seymour says he will do it whether it's legal or not.

Jane couldn't fight anymore.

Bart will have no choice but to agree.

Nou is way more experienced than I am.

If you don't lie to me, I'll be happy.

This squirrel shall be henceforth known as "The Cute One."

Let's not forget that Lindsay doesn't know how to speak French.


I'll come at once.


He was given up for dead.

Try to act naturally.

She is qualified as a nurse.

Boredom is itself boring, hence it tends to feed on itself.

Don't hurry, we have the whole afternoon to shop.

Are you still seeing the same girl?

My heart is pounding.

You saw something, didn't you?

Where are we exactly?

How much did you bid?

Jean-Christophe showed Gregg how to gut a fish.

In the evening, they would go to the theater.

Kimberly didn't seem to know very much about that.

There is no rush.

The size of the group should not be more than twelve persons.

I would like to express my gratitude to her.

You are my good friend.

He was left behind.

John's business has turned out to be a complete failure.

Don't struggle.

I think it's time for me to sharpen my pencil.

I think God is a woman.

I don't want to meet Naresh.

Butler left no wealth to his children.

When does Josh usually go to the gym?

Help me with the wash.

She cracked the walnut with her teeth.

I could not but suspect that there was something behind it.

Ernest and Laurianne were sitting at the kitchen table, talking.

You can have a fulfilling life despite many unfulfilled dreams.

My mobile phone is handy.

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I was watching TV at night.

I'm speaking Ottoman.

I'm going to make enlarged copies.

What do you have against them?

I can't bear to look at her.


This place is great.


What is the most popular movie now?

I'm really impressed with the way Brad plays the saxophone.

Shyam didn't like it at all.

I cannot purr like a cat. I'm a dog!

Even if the opinions of others can be supressed, I cannot imagine to what results my speech may lead.


Because of his impolite reply, she got angry and slapped his face.

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The temperature on Mars can be very, very cold.


I discovered one.

I was brought to tears.

That was just an accident.

Father's bankruptcy was a blot on the family's reputation.

I thought that you were going to talk about this with Manavendra.


Marty found my bike.

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Join the sports revolution.


This room is not very large.

He persuades you in spite of yourself.

Don't fall asleep too soon.

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It is difficult to know oneself.

Per set a drink in front of Franklin.

We'll see you at the bar.

Christofer introduced Emma to the rest of the group.

How can we compete with that?

Suyog knocked on the door, but there was no answer.

That's a convincing explanation.

Let's go get drunk.

If you order tonkatsu at that place, it also comes with a mountain of cabbage.

Delbert is looking for a way to save money.

I've got a lot of work to do.

I know about the job offer.

You should be able to manage it.

I woke up on the couch.

I didn't even think that was possible.

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The important thing is that we are together.

I decided to tell her that I love him.

Tareq's tired and run down and badly needs a few days off work.


No money, no job, no friends. He was truly at loose ends.

There is much more water in this lake now than in the past.

He went to Paris, which is the capital of France.

Would you like me to draw you a diagram?

Jack went back into the kitchen.

Few students are interested in the game next Saturday.

Joon nervously shuffled his feet.

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He walked barefoot over the fire.


His eyes caught hers.

I know it well enough.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down thy hair to me.

Jack White and Karen Elson are divorced.

He turned around.

You should assume that email messages aren't private.

I think Robin is ready.

The high building deprived their house of sunlight.

We're just not used to it yet.

I have to complete it as soon as possible.

The dealer took advantage of her ignorance and bought the picture very cheap.

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The tree stopped growing.


I'm in a fricking nightclub, dude!


She lost her hat, but soon found it.

I'm not in the least worried.

He tends to ask a lot of questions.

They all objected to his proposal.

There were a lot of murders last year.

What time does the movie begin?

There are many factors.

Would you care for some tea?

This is impossible.

What's your favorite boy band?

If you teach me your language, I can teach you mine.