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About Us

Physiotherapy means different things to different people.

To us, it means time well spent, thorough whole body assessment, quality treatment techniques, and an ongoing plan for successful health and fitness.

In the field of health, there is a constant refinement of what we know about the body and how to best manage and prevent pain and injuries. As we find out more, the definition of ‘good’ also needs to be re-defined.

With a commitment to providing what’s good – we couldn’t think of a better name for the clinic – welcome to Good Physio.


Thorough assessment is the cornerstone for successful rehabilitation, this takes time, as does the proper application of treatment.

Initial consultation: 60 mins. Standard Follow-up: 30 mins.

We would like to see you for a longer time so that we don’t need to see you a lot of times.


Your health deserves 100% of our attention, that is why we don’t juggle numerous patients in one time slot. Through this, we can ensure your treatment is unique to your needs, all your questions get answered and you’re back to your best in the quickest time possible.


We team up with your doctor, your coach, your personal trainer or whoever it takes to ensure quality rehabiltation and performance outcomes are optimised. It’s important that we can communicate and are all working towards the same goal.


Good Physio was established on the premise that we deliver the ‘good’ aspects of physiotherapy and don’t waste time with outdated treatment techniques. We are constantly refining and improving how we look at the body and how we can positively impact it.

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Tristan Chai (B. Physiotherapy, MAPA; M. Acupuncture, MAACMA)
Graduating from UniSA (B. Physio) in 2005, Tristan swiftly started working with elite athletes – not knowing at the time how heavily this would shape his rehabilitation and treatment philosophy.

“Working with athletes, everything has extra expectations – the body has to get better than pre-injury state, and it has to be done sooner. The pressure that it puts on a therapist is great. It nurtures creativity and constantly renewing best practice.”

When these same treatment methods and philosophies are then applied to the rest of the population (whether the elderly, the office worker or the weekend warrior) results are incredible.

Tristan is one of the few physiotherapists who has completed a Masters of Acupuncture making him an industry leader in the application of dry needling and puts him in the unique position to apply a combination of dry needling and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

He has found applications for this (beyond musculoskeletal injuries) with hay fever, insomnia, digestive issues, women’s health and chronic pain.


Marc Elliott (B.Physiotherapy, MAPA)


Marc graduated from UniSA (B.Physio) in 2011 and after 5 years experience working in other private physiotherapy clinics, Marc joined our team here at Good Physio.


Marc believes in thorough assessment, and has developed a strong skill set in identifying the root cause of an issue over his career so far. He draws upon his expertise in a range of manual techniques (including dry needling) along with directed, specific exercise therapy to get patients back on track.


With his attention to detail, and knack of finding ‘hard to find’ underlying factors, he has built a reputation for getting great results, faster.


Marc has a keen interest in helping with the management and rehabilitation of sports and training injuries. He comes from a strong football background himself, currently playing country footy and is passionate about sports of all kinds.


Aneeka Smith (B.Physiotherapy, MAPA)

Graduating from UniSA (B. Physio) in 2015, Aneeka has utilised her own elite sporting background to drive her patient-centred care.


In her time in the industry so far she has gained an enormous amount of relevant knowledge in the treatment of an array of injuries and conditions. She has travelled as a physiotherapist with state basketball team and worked at a number of clinics, seeing first hand how different management strategies are best put in action.


Aneeka is very goal driven and can help you achieve your goals – whether this be getting back onto the sporting field, into the gym or lifting up your grandchild. She focuses on a hands on approach combining dry needling, clinical pilates and functional rehabilitation with the aim of not only recovering from your injury, but also getting the most out of your body.


Evie Kenneally (Remedial Therapist)

With the throws of everyday life and the varying lifestyles and demands that people have, an individualized approach to massage is more important than ever.
Because a good massage shouldn’t be ordered off a menu, and with her passion to help each individual strike a healthy balance in their lifestyles, Evie chose Good Physio as her base to continue her massage career.
Evie’s philosophy of treating the body’s needs, promoting self care and taking the time nurture the mind has made her a popular addition to the team.
And, of course, health fund rebates can be claimed.


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