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This room is not big.

The concert is about to start.

Here's another idea.

Kusum wanted to go out with Del even more than you did.

I didn't realize Sundar was your father.


Our family opens gifts on Christmas Eve.

You need more meat on your bones.

Sergiu heard it.

They're in the shower.

Can you stand up?

The phone was ringing, but there was no one to answer it.

People don't know how to drive around here.

I suggested that Kristin get some sleep.

I want to leave early.

Do you have any messages for me?

The vase was broken to pieces.

All great men are dead and I am not feeling too well myself.

There is a good chance that he will win.

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That was foolish of him.

She would have called me if she'd had my phone number.

Cathrin is twice as tall as Grant.

I don't deserve to live.

As far as I know, he is an honest man.

Fort Moultrie had fewer than seventy soldiers.

Our chief concern should be the aging of society.


I never see you without thinking of Ken.

I'm sure Varda wanted to come along.

Bernie showed Ken another fortune teller.

Every passenger is searched twice before boarding.

Why do you like me?

I am very sorry to inform you that she died.

Is this credit card accepted internationally?


Just take it slowly.

I'm serious about that.

If it's not broken, don't fix it.

The woman dental hygienist said to me, lying down in the chair, "Right, please open your mouth."

How old were these kids?

Could I possibly talk to you for a moment?

Kyung often has trouble choosing what clothes to wear.

Do you have something you want to say to us?

The time has come to say goodbye.


It wasn't only that.


I'd trust you with my life.


Single children are often spoiled.

Do not read while walking.

Pack eggs in dozens.


People who drink alcoholic beverages are not allowed to enter.


Do you trust her?

He loves ceremonies.

Suyog is already here, but Rolfe isn't here yet.

What happened was unexpected.

After splitting up with her, Simon walked away without looking back.

What a marvelous idea!

I'm sure that'll really be appreciated.

I didn't know that Cristopher wasn't at home.

He sells cars.

When you go to Boston, where do you stay?

I want Narendra to win.


It's been years since I played tennis.

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Syd finds it difficult to keep up with the rest of the class.

You've said nothing so far.

I want to buy you dinner.

Would you ever consider dating someone like me?

He visited Japan while he was President.


I hardly ever see her anymore.

That's up to you.

Why don't you ask him to do it?


He needs to speak English.


Did you hear that sound?

I'm not Italian.

Walter was sentenced to life.

Let us out.

I couldn't have done this without her.

We're so glad you could come.

I saved for future needs a little money as our marriage fund.


I had a dream about him.

She wears rings on her ears.

What's the worst injury you've ever had?

Lisa asked Kristin to give him a ride to the amusement park.

I don't laugh every evening.

I'm very shy.

Tell me what you told him.

I'm new here.

I am studying very hard.

The weather was lenient.

Who's that person who was with Lorraine?

You can make a difference in the world.

You could read Kant by yourself, if you wanted; but you must share a joke with someone else.

Well, I'll be happy to loan you the money.

You will do well to leave her.

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Previously people believed the earth was flat.

Anne wishes he could fly.

What do you say we ditch this bozo and have some fun?

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They're going to kill him.

We just have to put the finishing touches to the work, and it will be ready to be delivered.

Do you think Alvin would be able to pick Victor up at the airport?

I play basketball with her.

Delbert wrote a song for Pontus.

The dentist pulled out his decayed tooth.

You should tell Stacy why you can't go.

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Gregory bought a new pickup.


Michelle weighs just 33 pounds.

I was really quite stiff.

Ozan lived on the west coast.


Jeannie never would've done what you've accused him of doing.

There was a fire near our neighborhood last night.

We were able to settle the matter finally.

Will you come to town?

This does happen quite often.

I can't cope with stress.

None of us plan to go swimming today.

It's a vicious cycle.

This is Ro, my ex-girlfriend.

How long did it take you to build your house?

Tell me when the body gets to the funerary parlor.

Let's see if Louis knows what to do.

We can't stop.

Peel the apples or wash them.

Human physiology is a three-credit course.

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Mehrdad hates you.


Emil is very young, isn't he?

You're asking for too much.

A great wine is not the work of a single man, but the result of a long and refined tradition. There are more than a thousand years of history in an old bottle.

That looks interesting.

That's not all Raif said.

Where exactly do you want me to put this?

I did see him.


Where is your cap?


If the price is reasonable, I want to buy the car.

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I'm done working.

He had a shutout until the ninth inning.

I still need to talk to him.


I won't see you today. I'll see you tomorrow, though.

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This condition created trouble.

Miki isn't angry anymore.

I can't swallow these tablets without a drink of water.


James stayed in the hotel.

You should turn off your cell phone.

Heather walks to school.

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Stop clinging to your glory days, or you'll be left behind.

It was more difficult than I'd expected.

Children should be taught to speak the truth.

I doubt that Lin is happy.

She was elected chairman of the committee.

It does not matter to me whether you come or not.

I love Tatoeba and all the people that contribute on this website.


Lisa has gotten so much better.


Most computers made today are equipped with multi-core processors.


In nine case out of ten he will be late.

It is clear that he pretended to be ill.

That's quite a problem.


I saw a lot of things that day.


Van is walking down the street slowly.


Jackye asked me how tall I was.

Sharan didn't know who I was.

I would like to marry somebody like her.

Saul wanted directions to a good Chinese restaurant.

I think it's safe to assume Christie won't be here tomorrow.

It isn't as cold here as in Alaska.

Woman as she was, she was brave.

What's bugging you?

Don't you think that's a bit weird?


Juri has left Boston.