I'm being as clear as I can be.

I've asked myself that question a thousand times.

I feel ashamed.


I'll do whatever I can to help you and Kevin.

Stop thinking about your purposes and desires only!

Can I call you back in twenty minutes?


You have to go alone.

I couldn't figure out how to open the door.

I know how Hotta thinks.

I have no idea what I am doing.

What are you studying?


Dan died at the end of the winter.

I wanted to see what would happen.

I know Jeffie's three children.

We are all set.

For lunch we had a pepperoni pizza with tossed salad.

Let's take a walk for a change.

I only hope The likes me.

It's too late for me.

The panda is pregnant.

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On this occasion, we should drink a toast.

Come here.

Excuse us for a second.

There are Russians who believe Russia is not taken seriously by the rest of the world.

This figure is a mirror of the decrease in imports of crude oil.

We really have no choice.

He's one of the most important figures in modern literature.


You can make websites advertising Interlingua.

Price was finally able to get in touch with Norbert.

He was thrown out of work.


Adrian sounded happy.

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The car's antenna is built into the windshield.

He is as kind as honest.

They bound her legs together.

We really want to impress them.

Never cast dirt into that fountain of which you have sometime drunk.

The results of the election will appear in the evening paper.

I watched the movie.

It didn't go very well.

Donnie couldn't hack into that website.

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Can you play tennis?

Did her husband study or work in Germany?

He's a late bloomer.

Some people came by car. Others came by bus.

Return to the sender.

They appreciate my effort.

Why's he outside? Invite him to come in!


Prakash can drive the car competently.


Over seven years ago, the United States pursued al Qaeda and the Taliban with broad international support. We did not go by choice, we went because of necessity.

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My dream is to study French in Paris.

You need to act immediately; later will be too late.

Let's wait and see what Clay does.

I think that he is right.

It's my custom to go for a walk before breakfast.


An artist has to have a color-sensitive eye.


In front of him was man.

The storm raged for a few days.

This reminds me of her.

Page isn't sure how he got here.

I'm going to take you to Raymond.


I did not know that I have to do that.

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The father wouldn't accept his daughter's boyfriend.

A cube has six sides.

I'm trying to keep up.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Where did you shake hands with them?

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My uncle gave me a gift.

I can't hear you.

I haven't finished this yet.

He pressed his ear against the wall.

Let's get back inside.


Are we talking about professionalism?

Lloyd didn't give it back to me.

The convention voted.


Why does she look so sad?


What are the charges in this hotel?

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Beyond was the sea.

The more we study, the more we know.

Lynnette called me a taxi.


How many miles is it to the next gas station?

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Get him something to eat.


They didn't book the holiday, but I don't think they will have any problems.

Just leave us alone, please.

What do you want me to do with these?

You won.

Amanda asked Tomas when she had bought her car.

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Are you quite satisfied with your new house?

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Britain is the European Unions's second-largest economy after Germany.


It was heartbreaking.

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We walked along the road.

Saiid certainly didn't seem to be expecting us.

Bacteria are invisible to the naked eye.


What in the world got into you?


Mr White's yard is large.

That disease is incurable.

I went home.

Use your fist.

There is no factory in this village.

Let's not fight.

It's just what I wanted.


I fainted from the heat, and when I came to, I was in a life raft.

I found the broken doll mended by somebody.

Michelle will talk to us about it later.

It's already dark outside.

I study very little.

I remained where I was.

Are all these books yours?

Casey is here to buy some apples.

Can you see anything?

He looked very happy.

Ever since she fell in the kitchen, her mind hasn't been all there.

Sharon has always been shy.

Why did you turn that job offer down?

Dad, do you believe in ghosts?

Oh, just fill out this form.

Taiwan isn't part of China.

I don't love people like you.

Kelvin has curly hair.

I cannot buy this book. It's too expensive.

We're not afraid of competition.

Did you make it?


You look like a fighter.

It's not cheating if you don't get caught.

I've waited as long as possible.

It wasn't her.

I always have a notepad.

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You don't look sick to me.

That can happen sometimes.

Dwight is wearing two sweaters under her coat.

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Both of them started crying.

We'll meet Del later.

You're Germans, aren't you?

Newton thought the world had been created in 4000 BC.

Many New Yorkers love their professional sporting teams.

This is the first time I've called Guy.

Would you mind if I ask why not?


No one can guess how many jellybeans are in this jar.

All good things come to an end.

It will take me some time to learn German.


Selena Gomez and the Scene also had good luck with their first album, "Kiss and Tell." It has sold more than a million copies around the world.


We've already chosen.

I want a new kitchen.

This kitten wants to sleep.

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I do this too.

Where do I start?

Promise me you won't to do anything stupid.

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That would be how I would solve this kind of problem.

The rain today matches my mood well.

I want to meet her.

I didn't know you kept it.

Are there people in your class you get along with?

His personality is marked by forwardness.

I don't believe this story.


What's your favorite dessert with strawberries?

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We're getting careless.

I have no intention of telling him.

We lost almost all our away games.

People had more money to spend on new goods.

We met in college.