Cigarette butts are the biggest source of litter in the world.

Aardvarks are nocturnal animals.

The day of decision is at hand.

Kissing one's spouse in public is considered acceptable behavior in some countries.

I hope you had a wonderful day.

Our car developed engine trouble on the way.

Where can I find an ATM?

Both our brothers are teachers.

Stay in touch.

I took the most important events from the chronology of information science and wrote a few words about each one.

It looks like you've put on some weight.

Her mood graduated to irritation.


How long did it take Dimitry to paint his house?

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Justin disagrees with Naim.

The visitor left a message with his sister.

He feels relaxed when he's playing the guitar.


I will not be able to give you a lesson tomorrow.

What's that book about?

Sunil isn't as old as I thought.

I certainly had no idea Herb was angry.

You're a little liar.

I don't want to interrupt Cliff.

We forgot to turn off the light.

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Thank you very much for coming all the way to see me off.

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I think I fell asleep during class.

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I didn't order it.

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We had to call off the game because of the rain.

We kind of expected this to happen.

Even though I studied English for 6 years in school, I'm not good at speaking it.

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Matti makes delicious coffee.


Jeremy is on duty now.

82% - more than four-fifths - of the island's exports is agricultural produce.

Only the elected President may deliver an opening address.

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The show's going to be great.


I think he likes her.

Everything's going to be great.

He's by no means satisfied.

He has proven that he is not worth his salt.

I know you don't like Norman.

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She would often play the piano after school.

Farouk was very supportive.

She's a dumb blonde.

Oskar is a Briton.

He went to the airport in a hurry.


Has that happened yet?

Coming home having accomplished his task, Panacea appeared larger.

Do we have to take the bus?


This is the way in which we can become acquainted with one another.

Pantelis didn't keep my secret.

Everything looks fine to me.

It's unnatural.

You have to get them a present.

He is now putting the things in his room in order.

Don't talk to anyone.


Maybe you'd better sit down.

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Wow, it's hot today.

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Miles has started playing the guitar again.

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Dion wants very much to see you.

Don't judge a man by the way he looks.

I hope you're prepared for that.

What are you up to tomorrow afternoon?

Molly didn't notice how Laurel was dressed.

I'm wise.

I was discussing that problem with Hein.

Jacques didn't give you much choice, did he?

Do you think I'm stubborn?


Columbus' discovery of America was accidental.

Do you understand now?

How much money do you have in the bank?

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My life is empty without him.

The German army made a final effort to defeat the Allies.

I'll have everyone call me Ramanan from now on.

He was too drunk to remember to shut the back door.

He was honest, strong, and willing to make decisions.

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"Who goes there? Stop or I'll shoot!", shouted the guard.

You have no right to do this.

Ruth would never hurt me.


We haven't really spent time with each other for a while.


What's your favorite dinner?


What new facts did you manage to ferret out?

He read the letter again and again.

I am commuting to university.


I hope you are hungry.

I used to be a bit cleaner.

Nobody can stop them.

His humor charmingly eased the embarrassing atmosphere at dinner time and made me breathe a sigh of relief.

Devon asked the waiter for another cup of coffee.

He lost all his hopes.

The workers reconstructed the house brick by brick.

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There was a sudden change in her tone.

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The house I'm living in isn't very large.

I love you, baby.

Youth, which is forgiven everything, forgives itself nothing: age, which forgives itself everything, is forgiven nothing.

We need to talk about what happened.

Which one is the department store?

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The area of a triangle is half of the area of the rectangle with equivalent base and height.

I think I'll ride back with Emma.

Florian knows something that he's not telling us.

When you paint a self-portrait, you sit staring hard at yourself.

You make mistakes if you do things in a hurry.

Why don't you say something to Van?

What do you think of my plan?

As a child, I liked baseball better than football.

Tal likes them.


Gregory is very important to me.

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The lady's funeral was held at the local church.

Ramon, what happened last night?

I'm going to talk to Arthur when he comes home.

I wonder if you'd talk to us for a moment.

Joseph's attitude has changed.

The mountains lay covered with deep snow.

Reinhard had to choose between his family and the bottle.

Are you not frightened?

Nancy comes from what we call the aristocracy.


Liza didn't walk to the gym.

You're going to do exactly as I tell you.

This tree is not even close to being the tallest in the parish.

You don't know how happy I am to see you.

He bought a suit for cash.

Tell me why you came back.

Jack always finds fault with others. That's why everybody avoids him.

It's possible that Sandra isn't telling the truth.

Millie is going to school.

Even a little boy knows his own name.

Would you like some lemonade?

The CIA runs a thorough background check on all new employees.

Today is Friday. The weekend starts already tomorrow!

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I thought I'd wear a tie.


Can you get off work tomorrow?

Last year in the spring I attended a cooking class and learned how to bake bread.

Norbert looked up from his work.

Animals that hibernate in the winter also suffer from warming temperatures. Marmots, chipmunks, and bears are waking up as much as a month early. Some are not hibernating at all.

There were many upsets right from the first day.

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You can protect me.


The weather is very cold in Istanbul.


Pelicans are strange birds.

I'm not going to wait for them.

She is at most 18 years old.

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To overcome the weight force, airplanes generate an opposing force called lift.

They've caught her.

What does a bike path have to do with partisan politics?


You're the best singer I know.

I hope he will come.

I've heard you have a secret admirer.

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Everyone knows you're in love with Linder.

Arthur was in his early fifties.

Do I have to change my diet?


Vern is the guy that Angus wanted.

Next time, you'll need to do a lot better than that.

He abuses his authority.

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I am forever in your debt.

This aircraft is stealthy and carries cruise missiles.

Someday you'll meet someone else.

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If everything goes well, I can make two to three pieces per day.


There are more sweets in this shop than in that one.


She did her best to rescue him.