I'll move soon.

She blanched at the bad news.

I'm sorry, I don't know what else to say.

He was on the roof with his electric guitar.

Is there any likelihood of his coming?

Novorolsky is under 24-hour guard.

Jun wrote the report all by himself.

You're always late.

He was barred from entering this restaurant.

We need to get them some help.


Do you really think Rudy is crazy?

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All you have to do is sit here and watch.

It's too late to shut the barn door after the horse is stolen.

If only you'd thought of that before shooting your big mouth off.

Please speak loudly, so I can hear you.

Does an electric wheelchair require a driver's license?

There is a yard of cloth.

I hate rules.

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They're friends of yours, aren't they?


I should hurry and take a shower.

The picture brought back a lot of memories.

I'm truly touched.

I have never seen anyone who knows so much about ancient history.

It is said that the younger generation today is apathetic.


I will be playing a tennis match on Saturday with my boyfriend Cyril.


You know who I'm talking about, right?

I wouldn't recommend doing that.

That's all he thinks about.


I feel helpless right now.

My uncle calls on me every three days.

As usual with young girls, Alice loves chocolate.

My wife is possessed with the desire to buy a house.

This medicine is good for a cold.

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How did Kristian know he needed that?

Mars also contains lowlands which are found in the northern hemisphere.

This story is rather monotonous.

I found the book interesting.

How many times did it happen?

Were they in the library yesterday?

The officer seemed to be afraid of their revenge.

It doesn't hurt anymore.

How does he teach his kids manners?


That's why people love you.

The train is gone.

I gave it to him.

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She can operate a crane.

I'm afraid we must break off the discussion.

She was indignant when I said she was lying.

Did they say who was responsible?

Does Australia have four seasons?

She wants to know who sent the flowers.

To be considered as a scale, the construct under consideration should be a continuum, with quantitative units.

Part was unsuccessful.

You should have applied to culinary school.

There was a ton of pressure on him.

I've got something very important to say.

Even if he doesn't come here, I'll go on waiting for him.

We're all students.

Let me see your receipt.

I will tell her what to say at the meeting.


You know I don't have a car.

"Greg told me that they slept together." "Really?"

Something was going on.


I think Klaudia went to Harvard.


Try some of this cake.

Can they do this?

Open these doors.

Isidore's new song is amazing.

As long as we live, our heart never stops beating.

Malaclypse sided with Phil.

They are in the pocket of big corporations.

She is known for her soup.

I want to be the one who makes you happy.

Mosur doesn't seem to be in a rush.

More women than men commit perjury.

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Honzo was supposed to be here by 2:30.

The Pacific Ocean is one of the five oceans.

I saw five airplanes flying away like so many birds.

They were given over to drinking.

Reiner could hear people upstairs.


Edwin told you all our secrets, didn't he?

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She's the most beautiful girl.


The heavy snow prevented us from going to the concert.

There are a bunch of kids playing on the street just outside my window.

Will you open the window and air out this stuffy room?

I want to have something to remember you by.

Whoever comes, don't open the door.

Liber didn't keep me waiting long.

This rule is applied to foreigners only.

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Hold the box with both hands.

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We won't need your help today.


She left home early in the morning for fear that she would miss the first train.

All funds are frozen until further notice.

You will come to like this kind of music.


We'll finish it if it takes us all day.


I think I'll ask Patrick for some advice.

I heard they caught them.

Me and him are friends.


I almost feel bad for Jong. Almost.

The rumor has no foundation.

You must apologize for what you said.

I wondered how I could make a difference in the world.

I don't want to run into them.

He visited Japan when he was president.

Stop spreading these lies!


I have lucid dreams.


Unwrap it.


What's your favorite joke?

Seenu is trying to make up for lost time.

I'm not schooled in that subject.

Elric doesn't hang out with Linder anymore.

The inquiry did not conclude.


The mayor granted our request.

I eat only fresh vegetables.

Do you believe in monogamy?

Nadeem and I tried to carry Cory.

The others are leaving. What do you say we wait for them to go away and talk for a while?


Why do you think Arne prefers living in the country?

I had a tennis match with him.

Arabic is read from right to left.

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"In the depths of our hearts we all experience the Green Ensign; we all feel that it is something more than a mere symbol of a language."

Carter hasn't done anything to be ashamed of.

We'll meet again.


Why didn't Presley take off his jacket?

Marilyn opened the drawer to get a calculator.

We cannot know too much about the language we speak every day of our lives.

A man came to see me yesterday.

Max never quarrels with his wife in public.


Pitawas said he doesn't need a chauffeur.

This year I'm dressing up as John Milton, because my paradise is lost.

I'm never going to drink again.


Today's breakfast was dried mackerel and miso soup.

Irvin can't win.

It was freezing!


I was at a loss for words.

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You're not just working for Mott.

It's going to happen sooner or later.

The man peeped through a hole in the wall.

It's mine, not its.

You don't need to do it right away.

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Priscila Meirelles from Brazil won the title of Miss Earth in 2004.

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I'll put in a good word for you.


Books are scattered around the room.

Swamy doesn't like beef.

He was the perfect man for her.

Wait for me. I'll be back.

We're stuck in traffic.

Dan and his friends gathered outside the police station.

We have a lot to live up to.

Take your hand off me.

I failed to find Nick's house.


Maybe Hein was involved.

I feel like an amoeba.

Today I have an Esperanto class.

The boy threw a stone.

Some people always expect reward from others. Something like a hobby may be self-rewarding.

I need to clarify one point.

Johnny got locked out of his dormitory.

We plowed the field.

We lost the game 3-0.

It is common for children to cause trouble.

Phil doesn't like being poor.