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Who am I?

My name is Michael, I come from a small town located in świętokrzyskie voivodeship. Previously I wanted to work in an IT industry, but after 4 years of technical college I realised, that's not for me, so I decided to move to Kraków and start Advert and Multimedia Graphic studies at Tischner European University. Usually I work solo, but I don't have problem with working in a team. I would describe myself as a communicative and friendly person.
I spend most of my free time on activities connected with music: listening to it, going to concerts etc. I also like taking photos (usually landscapes) and improving them a little using Photoshop and Lightroom.


Video editing

Definitely my biggest passion and something, that I would like to do in the near future. Usually I prefer working with previously recorded video, rather than recording it by myself, but in extreme cases I can do it too.

Web design

Despite of the fact, that I've started doing this "for real" not so long ago, I've learned quite a lot. Furthermore, I code websites I've designed by myself.

UI Design

Something completely new for me, that
I wasn't doing before going to university, but despite of that, I'm able to design simple interfaces and applications (a little bit more complicated ones too).



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