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Welcome to iMetro Tech

We always Try our best and work Hard to establish a foundation of trust with our clients and customers to Refurbish and Recycle a used Screen/LCD in order to Reduce the amount of electronic waste and Prevent Environment Pollution. We are committed to achieve these Goals with all the stakeholders of our business by protecting the Environment, Giving the best possible Customer Service and a Fair Deal for all the financial transaction (Buying and Selling), Helping to Create more jobs for the Area we based in and Paying back to the Society in the form of Tax retune. To do so we test everything that comes in or we send to in order to ensure you are paid exactly what you deserve and receiving the quality product.

Our Services

Our aim is to Reuse a LCD as many times as possible and Recycle the whole screen it in the End in an environment friendly manner to bring down the Carbon footprint into the lowest possible number.

We Buy

We buy all kinds of LCD and AMOLED displays with damaged protective glass elements for recycling. We also have pick and drop services..

We Sell

We also sell mobile accessories; New and Refurbished Display for your Smartphone to make sure your Digital life is running Smoothly.

Free Testing

We have over five years of industry experience and provide free testing and detailed reports for all your broken screens.

Free Shipping

Minimum 50 tested or 100 non tested Original/OEM, Refurbished/non-OEM.

Our Client

We are more than happy to find out the right option for our client.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact with us to discuss any relevant issues, you may have.