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Strategy & Management for Business and The Arts

M6i Corporation


Strategic decision making related to the business and finance affairs of the artist or institutions of the arts.


Strategist and professional business management for ownership or the executive group. Subject matter expert for the board.

How We Got Here

The company's developmentmental path became the deep well it draws from for its insight and expertise across the market spectrum it serves.

Client Confidence

This is an earned moment. Once achieved, it introduces significant efficiencies for accomplishing the objectives of the engagement. We believe the following are cornerstones for earning confidence:

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    It's a brand on its own and is transparent. WYSIWYG.

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    Delivering the finished idea, as represented and on time.

  • Reliability

    Things are done right and well, consistently.

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    High and durable return for a fair and reasonable cost.

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The Inventors

Every period of invention has its masters. The architects responsible for the advent of the new age. We've sampled three here from our Performing Artist Gallery.


Dylan (with The Band)

If you had to choose one door it all came through, this is it. Dylan invented the singer-songwriter. Before him it was the Brill Building. No one was near the content of his 1963 record "The Freewheelin' Bob Dyaln", at the time. Then he issued five consecutive records over 3 years that set the boundaries for Rock's song writing universe.




Jimi meets Fender meets Marshall. The Genesis of Rock guitar. As fresh and unsurpassed today as when he cut the orignal riffs. There are no substitutes.



The Stones

...and the rock band was born. Sourced from the true grit of the Mississippi delta era's own masters. Played with the rhythm and spit of living it.