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Wise’s Automotive has been in operation since late 2000. Barry and Judi Wise both have vast experience in the customer service field. Barry has been in the automotive service and repair, and tire business for over 30+ years. Judi has 35+ years experience of customer service which also includes vast knowledge in bookkeeping and HR related knowledge and experience.

Integrity and customer service is our motto. We strive and want to be your #1 repair and service facility. We will always be here for all of your automotive service and repair needs, and will always be open to any questions,concerns, and or problems you may have or encounter.

Wise’s is celebrating 10 years at our current location.


Wise’s opened May 23 2006. With over 60yrs in Customer Service.  Judi and Barry Wise provide the Service and Satisfaction to our customers.   We provide the best equipment, tools and skills to handle all customer needs. We handle all repairs other than body work.

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What our customers say…

Dear current, future or prospective Wise’s Automotive customer,

Trust… In the end that is what we are striving for, what we desire and need in an automotive service establishment.

I want to take a moment to share a story of well earned trust built over fourteen plus years. My family and I are long time customers of Wise’s Automotive. We have had everything you can imagine from simple oil changes, new tires, wiper blades and fuses all the way to transmission overhauls and engines replaced. So when I say, “trust” I do not use the word lightly and without thought.

I have had the good fortune, honor and privilege of finding this family to fulfill all of my auto service needs for the last many years and certainly for any and all future needs. They have shown me time and time again honesty, integrity, professionalism and knowledge that are missing in many of my business encounters. Many times I have expected the worst only to have Hope, Barry or another of their team give me the good news that it wasn’t as bad or as costly as I had expected it to be. This experience is not limited to myself. Everyone that I have personally referred has had a similar good experience.

Their commitment to customer service and to always, without exception, do the right thing has earned my trust. No, it’s hasn’t always been good news. But based on our long history together I know that when the news is well “bad” I at least know it has to be the truth. Simply because of who it is coming from.

No greater recommendations can I give than that my nine and ten year old vehicles with 186,000+ and 250,000+ miles are still going strong. That just last week before leaving on a three-month business trip I entrusted them to “make sure” everything will be Ok with my wife’s truck in my absence. I know it is and will be and more importantly I know that should she need anything they will handle it better than anyone else would or could. That is a terrific piece of mind for my wife, our kids and me.

As a manager for a major national company as well as a small business owner I am so often and sadly amazed at how many people just get it wrong. Barry and I have often spoken about it not being that difficult. Treat people correctly, provide a good service at a fair price, and take pride in what your doing. Wise’s Automotive gets it right!

I sincerely hope that you will give them the chance to prove it to you as well, over and over again and again.

All the Best,

- Mel Scruggs

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