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Beta launch planned in early 2019.

KreTaRO  Next generation Job Search & Hiring platform.

Our engineers are working to make it available soon. Mean while do not miss the exciting opportunities we have, click on the button below to check them out the boring way.

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Bringing Trust to Hiring

Credible Talent

  • Professionals trust us with private data about their goals and aspirations
  • Ultra-Trustworthy Blockchain based Credibility Assertion

ML & Cognitive Intelligence Right Fit

  • Our Machine Learning system highlights and rank potential hires
  • Highly skilled recruitment experts review and approve right fit taking out any guess work

Genuine Opportunities

  • Organizations trust us with data about their desired ideal candidates, the current incumbent and expectations
  • Smart Engagement engine ensures Transparency through the process


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Credible Talent meets Right Fit Opportunities

Our ML and Cognitive hybrid matching technology, the core of our solution, our genie in the bottle transforms every day activity experiences from the ordinary into the extraordinary enabling Organizations and Credible Professionals to connect efficiently.


Enhance Happiness at Work

Happiness at work is when 'Credible Talent' is empowered and offered 'Right Opportunities'. Organizations focus on growth and value when they are sure of their talents credibility.

  • Professional Credebility Assertion

    Establish your credible professionl experience asserted right from the source. Own a secure central work document respository.

  • Panoramic Profile Next Generation CV

    Amazing 360° profile to showcase your talent & experience. Highlight your aspirations, contribution beyond your workstation.

  • Machine Learning Right Fit Jobs

    Our hybrid matching technology shows you right oppurtunities that interest you. No unsolicited & bothering calls.

  • Personal Oppurtunity Tracking Dashboard

    Dashboard enabling better visibility & faster feedback. Enrich reputation score while taking the right steps.

  • Free Application Tracking System

    Manage your process with ease with our free ATS. Seamless engagement with candidates & hiring managers.

  • Resume Parsing & Auto ATS Update

    Machine learning enabled resume parser that updates your ATS. Hassle free integration with your excel trackers and emails.

  • Right Fit Match & Smart Fit Indicator

    AI leveraged Expert screening of profiles. Fitment indicator to prioritize and improve efficiency.

  • Offer Acceptance and Onboarding Predictor

    Reputation score based transparency encouragement. Personal preference weightage to arrive at probability predictor.