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Can you think of any reason why Stacy would do that?


I enjoy hanging out with you.


That has nothing to do with this.

I've been playing a lot of golf.

I want some albums. Please show me some.

All he is thinking about is meeting her.

We're still looking for volunteers.

The paper was blotted with ink.

I didn't know Clifford didn't understand French.


Why don't you ask him that?

I had to attend a meeting so I couldn't make it in time to pick Panzer up after school.

Matthew speaks French fairly well.


I was ashamed of having said so.


What is needed to win a lawsuit?

I think you and Brodie are more alike than you want to admit.

He read a lot.

I can't imagine life without music.

The lift has an automatic door.

Is any of this stuff stolen?

His calmness is more apparent than real.

It seems OK on paper, but I wonder if it's going to work.

The sad story made my heart ache.

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Floria lived in Boston when he was in college.

I thought you liked me.

Paola put some mashed potatoes on his plate.

They really wanted to know what happened.

Please come again two weeks from today.

Does Bill like this kind of music?

Why didn't you tell anybody?

I contended against falsehood.

Amir believes in the existence of the soul.

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The minister had to resign.

Gypsy easily won.

Why did you bring it?

If not for me, do it for him.

Why do you want this job?

Lucifer says he can pay for it.

Why didn't you come to the party?

Long live the Republic!

Marie promised to let me know how things turned out.


I'm not taking my eyes off him.

Go tell her to get ready.

What is the name of this bird?

I can't hide the fact from you.

I think Pravin will return soon.

I suppose Julia told you what happened.

There was always too much superfluous writing in his essays.

I wonder why Randall wasn't there.

Your suggestion seems irrelevant to our discussion here.

What do you do with these?

It's a weird question.


Don't change horses in midstream.

I don't have enough money to buy the medicine my father needs.

He has to oil and wind the clock.

It hasn't been easy for Manny to learn how to walk again.

He went fishing in between.

They like to reminisce.

He is definitely not a gentleman.


A fuse has blown.

Erick can't have done it.

Mammals have hair.


Thanks to strong paws and long claws wolverine can easily climb the trees.

This child looks like its father.

I don't like it in there.

While you're busy looking for the perfect person, you may have missed the imperfect person who could make you perfectly happy.

My mom told me that I was fat.

She has tried various methods of slimming down.

I don't remember what George said.


Our headquarters will remain in Boston.

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Shouldn't we be helping them?

This building is the architect's crowning achievement.

She's a terrible do-nothing.

Marty is the name of my black tomcat.

Brutus stabs Caesar, and Caesar falls.

Is everybody listening?

Mr Jones was looked upon as a great scholar.

In the shadow of the Leaning Tower of Piza sits the storyteller of the town, eating a plate of pea soup. After that he tells some children the fairy tale "The Princess and the Pea".

I wish Anthony would help me move the sofa.


Looks are not everything.

Po was determined that his children receive a good education.

The policeman gave Mayo a ticket for reckless driving.

Every man in the kingdom fell under the spell of her look.

She didn't pay her any visit.

That's exactly what I said would happen.

I warned you that Raul was coming.

With her help, my French improved little by little.

Ruin is inside us.

I heard a crash.

Come and see my garden tomorrow.


You have to ask him first.

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Harvey inserted the key.


Would you be willing to help me clean the garage?


Howard was detained for questioning.


The bus goes from here to the garage.

I don't think you'll like that.

Pia won't like it if you do that.

He is not as smart as his older brother.

I've tried to get along with Leads, but it's impossible.

Val would do whatever it took.

The kitchen is a little bit too small.


I've come to take what's mine.

Hilda began to get downhearted.

Non-violence is the first article of my faith.

What I told him was true.

Brendan picked up takeout on his way home.

In Judo, we have many world-class judokas.

Tracy suddenly got happy when Andrea walked into the room.

A widow had two daughters.

I don't think it gives off the right signals.

It's obviously broken.

We all try to get together at least once a year.

Brenda said he didn't really care what happened.

All three of my brothers are now somewhere in Boston.

I won't know until I hear from Nathaniel.

Is this really going to work?


He's an old windbag, you can't believe a word he says.


The world around you is ... just a little kinder ... even more than you think.

The company is promoting a new car on TV.

I've got three kids.

They are likely to agree to our plan.

Carlo is shorter and heavier than John.

I screwed up my courage and went there.

He hath looked into mine eyes and hath seen fire.

I thought a swim might be nice.

"If it's bitter, I don't want it." "Drink it!" "I don't like anything bitter."


You've been walking in your sleep.


Is it really necessary?

The allegations they made were unfounded.

When did you arrive in Boston?

Grant was not worried about supplies.

"Je t'aime" means "I love you" in French.


He failed in the examination.

What time does the next bus leave?

I felt very sad.

I'm sarcastic.

Tea was introduced from China.

I'll do what must be done.

"Your Majesty, I have become invisible!" "Oh! Where did you go?" "Right here!" "Oh shit, don't frighten me like that!" "My apologies, Your Majesty." "...Say, that gives me an idea. Go scare the hell out of Morshu. See how he reacts."


It is your responsibility to bring the class together.


What's the difference between a toucan and a parrot?

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I'll take three of each kind.


Joni tried that.

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We'll help them any way we can.

I left a note by your door this morning.

I think Hal is going to love it.

Go wash your face.

I shouldn't even be here.


There's no need to bite my head off!

I think Ima might have fallen asleep at my party last night.

What kind of a camera do you have?

What are you planning to do with Terry?

She unbuckled her belt.

She was appointed chairperson.

I took your umbrella by mistake.


I passed a test in Japanese.

I feel like a normal person!

Norwegian, Swedish and Danish are mutually intelligible to a high degree.

Isn't it the other way around?

I'd like to know more about it.

On Children's Day, traditionally a holiday on which people pray for the growth of boys, armor is displayed at home.

It was just a formality.

Did you have a good sleep?

Stop being a crybaby.


There's a simple solution to this problem.


I heard him arguing with her.