Why Should Every Person Start Writing Their Own Blog?

Why Should Every Person Start Writing Their Own Blog?

What would you do if you were required to write your own blog? It’s certain that the first thing popping up in our mind will be something like: “What am I even supposed to write? I’m not an author and I’ve got nothing to tell the world. It isn’t my cup of tea.” Yeah, that is more-or-less what I thought when around 3 years ago, my mentor had suggested me to start my own blog. I was a final year…

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What I Learned from My Trek to Rara Lake – Part 3

What I Learned from My Trek to Rara Lake – Part 3

Day 2 It was a cold morning. The sun was rising up over the horizon and the early morning fog was slowly clearing up. All of us were up by 6 AM and were getting ready for the day’s journey. It was our second morning of the trip and compared to previous morning, we felt a lot refreshed. The vehicle on which we were going to travel was scheduled to leave at 6:30, so we hurriedly reached the bus station….

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What I Learned from My Trek to Rara Lake – Part 2

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The day I mentioned in part 1 was actually the third day of our trip. It all began on Sunday evening. Three of us gathered together and left from Kathmandu. It might sound unusual, but we had planned very little for this long and adventurous journey of ours. The trip was confirmed only before a day or two and none of us had any detailed idea on how to reach there. Our first destination was Surkhet, a district in Mid-Western region…


What I learned from my Trek to Rara Lake – Part 1


It’s a Wednesday evening in October and it’s already pitch dark. The crickets also just started to sing welcome song to the night. The weather is getting severely cold and the wind is sending chills to our spines. But the worst part is we cannot see any other human or human settlements as far as we can see to provide us any warmth. Tiredness, pain and exhaustion are taking control over our bodies. Every step is getting heavier. Nevertheless we…


Why Should You Do a Bungy Jump At Least Once?


Well, you must have watched some videos on Facebook or Youtube, in which a person jumps from a high bridge like structure with their legs tied with some sort of long rope. I don’t know what you usually feel when you see that type of videos or photos. Maybe inspiration? Fear? Surprise? Guilt? Hatred? Or what you feel simply depends upon the person who did it or the state of your mind, right? Whatever you feel, it’s totally natural, so…

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Installing Commercial SSL Certificate in Zimbra Server

Installing Commercial SSL Certificate in Zimbra Server

Hey there! In this post, I’m going to share my experience on installing a commercial SSL certificate in Zimbra server. Before I get into the actual installation, let’s briefly discuss about how SSL generally works. First, we need to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) in our server. If you don’t know how to generate it, you should look at the corresponding documentation for your server or application. There are also numerous online CSR generation sites, which prepare the appropriate…

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Setting Up Apache WebDAV Storage With LDAP Authentication


Hey there! Let’s talk about WebDAV today. If you don’t know what WebDAV is, I recommend you to read this wiki. It stands for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning. It is a set of extensions to HTTP that facilitates collaborative editing and file management. In a nutshell, it enables write permission to the users, who used to have only read access afforded by HTTP. Nowadays, it can also be utilized by collaboration and versioning systems like SVN and GIT. Now, without…


Deploying OpenLDAP server on CentOS7 – Getting Started Guide


Hello there! In this post, I’m going to cover the installation and initial configuration of open-source directory server called OpenLDAP. The platform I’m using here is CentOS 7. So, if you’re on different distribution or maybe in different version, the mentioned steps might slightly vary. What is OpenLDAP? OpenLDAP is an open-source implementation of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, which is developed and maintained by OpenLDAP Project. LDAP is a platform-independent protocol and most of the linux distribution utilizes it for…

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Deploying a Wi-Fi Hotspot using CoovaChilli and Hostapd in Ubuntu


Welcome! This is gonna be yet another post on setting up Wi-Fi Hotspot using CoovaChilli. I’m again writing in this topic because it has been the most searched for and viewed post in my whole blog. I’ve also received some private requests from people across the world regarding this subject. So, I’m going to dedicate this post on setting up a basic hotspot solution in a Ubuntu machine using Coova and Hostapd. Project Overview The host system being used here is Ubuntu…


How to Increase Size of Root Partition in CentOS

How to Increase Size of Root Partition in CentOS

Being a system engineer, I often face scenarios in which I need to resize various system partitions in my Linux servers. Although this task isn’t that difficult, it’s definitely a very critical one because it can lead to the dis-functioning of your whole server. So, we must be very careful and cautious while trying to resize our system volumes. In this post, I’m going to take the extra space from the swap partition and take that space to my root…

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