The Secrets Of Successful Pop-Up Displays

The Secrets Of Successful Pop-Up Displays



Going to a trade show, either as an attendee or an exhibitor, is a golden opportunity to create new business relationships. A convention My Pop Items offers countless prospects, but an exhibitor has to know how to capitalize on these opportunities. The first place to start is with high-quality pop-up displays.

Pop-up displays are large, easy-to-assemble graphic exhibits that make excellent backdrops to your booth. They can be combined with banner stands, literature racks, and even audio-visual displays for added sparkle. But pop-up displays are just the beginning! A smart exhibitor knows that the booth can’t do all the work; you have to know how to use it.

Pop-Up Displays Should Have Easy-To-Read Signage

Trade shows are very visual events; an exhibitor must appeal to visitors by catching their eye. To that end, signage on a pop-up display should be readable within two to three seconds, or the length of time it would take someone to walk past the booth. Use those seconds wisely! Create a catchy headline that’s easy to understand and attracts attention. Additionally, by utilizing colors that match your other branding methods, you’ll be able to keep all of your printed materials consistent, thereby solidifying the brand in your customers’ memories.

Use Promotional Items Wisely

Promotional materials such as pens, notepads, or even coffee mugs featuring your company’s logo can be quite valuable, but try not to go overboard with them! It’s a good idea to reserve these freebies for attendees who appear to be serious about working with your company. With this in mind, it’s easier to predict more accurately how many items to bring along. For example, if promotional materials are only given to visitors who have been at your station for five minutes or more, and the stand will be up for four hours, then you’ll be giving away 48 items. Of course, there are always those few attendees who hop from booth to booth looking for freebies, so it’s a good idea to bring along a few extras just in case.

Pick The Right People To Run The Booth

Just as important as the display itself are the people who are running it. The best choices, of course, are outgoing, friendly employees who are comfortable with approaching strangers to offer a sales pitch. But more specifically than that, they need to be from the right department. If the event is a job fair, one or two employees from the department you’re hiring for should attend the show along with a human resources representative. This way the other employees can provide references to HR after asking the candidate some job-specific questions.


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