Online Applications Forms Sending The Wrong Message – Know Your Audience’s Perception

Online Applications Forms Sending The Wrong Message – Know Your Audience’s Perception

There is a fine line to be considered when putting online application out to Internet surfers, as sometimes the questions intimidate people, and they choose not to fill out the form. However, if the questions are too simple, you create false positives and spend all your time with prospects that are not the least bit viable. So, here is   MEPCO Online Application    the question you must consider; do your online forms and applications send the wrong message to your users, have you considered their perception above and beyond perhaps your legal requirements and sifting process of all that data coming in? Let’s talk.

A case in point occurred the other day, when an applicant contacted me directly and proceeded to explain why our online application form, well, why it; “sucked” and although taken-aback at first, he was essentially correct. Then he asked how many times has someone looked at the information on the electronic online forms coming in and simple thought to themselves that this won’t do, thus, the application process died and was deleted?

Interestingly enough the answer is actually; Never! As that doesn’t happen around here because the form is a launching point only. Now then, there are times when the applicant just tries to BS their way into the game, sometimes you can spot that on the first go. But this particular applicant didn’t BS his way through the form, as he was completely straight forward, sincere, and matter of factly – “what you see is what you get,” basically.

Nevertheless, from his perspective, he felt as if each question was an attempt to send him away. That’s a perception, albeit the wrong one in this case, but this isn’t the only person who has saw the form in a similar light. Still, I pondered that if one believes in themselves they may not think that way, but if one has even the slightest self-doubt, I can certainly see how we are turning folks away in that case. This gentleman had a solid level of self-worth and filled out the form anyway, even with the intimidating questions.

Indeed, I later thanked him for bringing this to my attention and asked if I might use this as a case study in an article – he agreed, and you know what, he’s right in his observations, we should fix that online form. Maybe, we should give more power to the users, and listen, not just our organization, all online agencies, companies, and non-profits.


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