Dedicated Web Hosting Has Many Advantages

Compared to share web hosting, It is more expensive to host your web site on a dedicated server. You may wonder why to even think about using a dedicated web hosting solution. There are many advantages to having your own dedicated server. There are several web hosting providers with different web hosting plans that can provide you with the right kind of dedicated web hosting solution.

The first and perhaps the biggest advantage of dedicated web hosting is stability 웹하드  and reliability. Your server has a higher uptime if there are no other users on the same server. With others sharing the same server, you have a risk overloading the server. It is also possible that some of the webmasters of the other sites on the same server can be beginners that write code that will crash the server.

The second and perhaps as important benefit is customization. With a dedicated server you get to choose the server operating system and all the features of the server. If you need special server software or extensions there is no one telling you it can’t be done. You can even choose which control panel you will use to manage the server.

Third advantage of dedicated web hosting is security. You are the only person who has an access to the dedicated server. You can be certain that nobody is installing any malicious code or ever viruses on the server that hosts your important website. You can even have you own external firewall to make sure that you are the only person allowed to access the server.


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