How Controlling Mothers Can Interfere in Adult Childrens’ Relationships

Making a relationship work can be difficult even when controlling mothers are not involved. Partners have a variety of issues that they must deal with, ranging from money to religious views to whether they want to have children and how to raise those children. If the couple is mature, healthy and reasonably compatible, 우머나이저 they will, over time, find ways to work as a team to resolve their issues and use their differences in complementary ways.

But this entire process of seeking compatibility and building a sense of teamwork can be thwarted by controlling mothers of the partners.

We often hear about relationships where at least one of the partners has a controlling mother who pressures or even tries to force her child to choose a mate that she approves of and to go about relationships in the way she prefers. When her child is young, this may be somewhat appropriate. But when the child is now an adult and the parent continues to insist on her viewpoint, it can keep the person from maturing and forming a lasting adult relationship.

This leads to a very challenging situation. Children raised by controlling mothers have not had a chance to solidly form their own identities and assert their own wills. And as adults, when their mother is interfering in their relationship, this means that they are not skilled at standing up for themselves and setting the necessary boundaries.


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