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    Have you turned on the air conditioner and noticed that it is not blowing cold air
    Do you hear an unusual noise when it turns onIs water leaking out the pipe outside your home or worse yet, inside your home?These are signs that it may be time to make the phone call. One of the reasons that you want to check on things at the first sign of a problem is that some issues that continue on for a while can damage the unit, causing you to have to replace it.

    If Your Air Conditioner Is Acting Up, Take Action Immediately !

    Do you do hear a noise or notice a problem, don't wait and assume that the issue will go away. The quicker you start trying to find the problem, as well as the solution, the quicker you can begin to cool off in peace. If the problem is intermittent, you may want to take note of when it happens, including the time of day, the weather conditions, and anything that is taking place in the home that could be a factor.

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