Anatoly showed Markus some photos of John.

They're on their own.


They were called out three times last night.

Raj asked Heather not to make any long-distance calls on his phone.

Saul encouraged Lowell to take ukulele lessons.


Having failed four times, he didn't try anymore.

Tony's voice is nice.

I'm also in favour so it's three to one. And thus your objection is overruled.

He wants an iPad.

If Jason should call me, tell him I'm not in.

I must get my hair cut.

It'd be better if you didn't see my grandpa today.

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We're here to meet him.

My niece is a serious girl.

Every day is the same.

You must build up your courage.

It doesn't mean anything!

It doesn't sound too bad to me.

"I'll bring my dog along, so you can meet him." "What?! Don't you dare bring that animal here!"

The mistake was mine.

Do you study by discussing?


I'm proud of you guys.

I didn't think it was a big deal.

Shai speaks strangely.

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I feel strange about it.


I want to speak with Spencer.

Her son is a genius.

This box is too heavy for me to carry.

Something must be happening.

Salt is necessary for cooking.


There's nobody in your room.


I want you to show me what love is.

Politics is the art of making possible that which is necessary.

What does this remind you of?

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I told Syun not to drive my car.

Rathnakumar is supposedly cleaning his bedroom.

Beth forgot to take his Alzheimer medication.

All tragedies end with a death.

He was good and mad by that time.

Long hair is out of fashion.

I have visited Kyoto three times.

Vernon doesn't have a say in that matter.

I told him it was time to quit.


It seems to me that he likes music.

I'm tired of always listening to the same kind of music.

I helped him carry his luggage upstairs.

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I think we can catch Sridharan.


Hi, my dear, my darling, my honey, my destiny. How was your day?


Darci didn't waste any time, did he?

The minister appointed one of his cronies to a key position.

You don't have to be scared.

I wonder what your plans are.

I'm feeling sad for Melanie.

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Even Kieran got up early today.

That story is a famous one that everyone knows.

Have there been any signs of the missing children?

Naim has come all the way from Boston to be with us today.

We're not ready yet.

Don't come after me.

Only if you come will she come to my birthday party.

Newton was born in the same year that Galileo died.

Lynnette and Spass argued all night.

You know what Myron wants.

Ping still seems to be asleep.

My dad gives me a weekly allowance that I use to buy comics and ice cream.

I stopped to talk.


We've got a major problem on our hands.


Ron drinks at least three liters of water every day.

Mr Wilson likes him to play square.

It seems to me that you have well understood the grammar rules of this useful language, Esperanto.

We are busy men.

The behaviour of the Princess Monaco, one of the many victims of the French revolution, on the morning of her execution, will be long remembered for its eccentricity and heroism.


If you've forgotten everything, then why do I remember everything?

Just ask her to give it back.

Jim was so tired that he lay down and slept.


I don't think we should do that.

Those two children were the same age.

Is scarlet a fruit or a color?

They all can drive.

This relationship between Portugal and the United States is still maintained today.

No dogs are allowed.

She called me many a time.

I told you to make the deal.

You don't have to pay attention to what he says.

How could you not remember?

First, we decide on that which needs to be decided, then we split into two teams.

I'm not saying this to hurt you, but it is the truth.

I just thought you were bored.

Kathy was dressed in leather.

Brian is never going to do what you're asking him to do.

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The majority of my patients come to me from out of town.

Lately high school girls are using their cell phones to exchange e-mail.

How many official languages does Switzerland have?


Try not to inhale the fumes.

The elephant is the largest land animal.

Has any conclusion been reached?

She tried to stifle a sneeze during the concert but she couldn't hold it back.

There is little harmony in international affairs nowadays.

Jarmo is a humble man.

Shanghai is the fastest-growing city in the world.

We should not make too much money.

He has already said yes.

I was just in the neighborhood.

My stepfather was diabetic.


As far as I know, he said that himself.

There are two staircases in my house.

The bill amounts to 500 dollars.

This is a miracle.

Please reply by telex.

Aristotle believed that the whole world was made of four elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

I really hope I'm wrong.

Peter began to suspect something was wrong.

They don't have enough ground space to camp.

Who would send me flowers?

Miltos told me you'd be here.

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The wind must be gauged accurately.

How did they die?

She disturbed the neighbors.

Cosmetic surgery is not covered by most insurance plans.

Go and talk to Giovanni.


Time is short, we must act NOW.

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Teri is held in high esteem by his students and fellow teachers.


Kanthan goes to church on Sunday morning.


This new announcer keeps stumbling.

I want to speak with them.

You haven't lost your touch.

You and I must understand one another, and that without delay.

This assignment is to be handed in on Monday.

A woman might leave you the last word, on condition that it be yes.

Some people identify success with having much money.

He seems to have been happy.

It was all the rage back then.

Are you flirting with him?

His lie complicated matters.

I do not put my complete confidence in him.

I don't know if I have enough money.

They share a love for music.

I believe what Sedat told me.


Everything pointed to this answer.

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Somebody's made a mistake.

He took a chance investing his money in the new company.

Gladiators fought with lions inside the Colosseum.

His action is against the law.

The commander is not to be trifled with.

The Worldwide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989.

Well, what am I going to do?

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Stay with her.

The girls all liked Ami.

I need new speakers for my PC.

The Portuguese territory would fit, with room to spare, in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, the seventh smallest state in Brazil.

I'm your wife and I like to look nice to please you.

We need to get rid of Piet.

I don't need your help anymore.

The towel is dry.

Do you watch films or cartoons?


What do you say we work on this together?

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Since there was no bus, I had to walk.

The sky was all covered with clouds.

Driving carefully, you'll be able to avoid accidents.


Soohong is a sorceress.

You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.

I think perhaps you're right.

I'm a dead duck!

Let's go and see what we can find out.

I'm pretty sure Elsa's right.

Carole took off his clothes.

I am able to buy anything in a convenience store.

Did you know that Daren has a son?