The maid arranged the knives and forks on the table.

I can't bear this any longer.

That's all I can give you at this time.

Would that be suitable?

Christina wanted to do something fun.

I can always sleep no matter where I am.

We don't have a long time.

How many words does this sentence have?


That blouse fits you well.


You could be happy if you wanted.


Two and a half hours ago.

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It looks like it's brand new.


I don't really know him.

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I had intended to visit the temple last week.

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I like that chick.


We should've stayed with her.

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The cat sneaked up on the unsuspecting bird.

Marcel and Jon wanted to get married and have kids as soon as possible.

I usually take a bath after dinner.


We'll remain here for the night.

Lou is a proud warrior.

What's the longest English word?

The clock in the church tower struck nine.

I can help Leung out.

I wouldn't trust you.

Bob wants to be an engineer.

If you do that the again I'll beat the pants off you.

The bridge was destroyed by a giant robot.

What a misfortune that your father has died, my child. Unfortunately, I can do nothing to help you.

I want to be ready.

My stomach has been hurting.

He does not care for ice cream.

We may combine your personal information with other information.

I need something to write with.

She told me that it would be a good idea if I came home soon.

How did you accomplish that?

It's his greatest fault to be too generous.

You boycotted merchandise from that country.


Save me some ice cream.

The murderer hid in the mountains.

Can you prove the existence of garbagemen?

Don't act like you don't know how to dance.

I loved only Sehyo.

When the wine ran out, everybody went home.

The early morning hours are the most effective for me.

Brandon leaned back in his chair and stared at Nils.

You are blinded by love.

Are they really serious?

I hope your assignment in England was successful.

The man wrote down the name for fear he should forget it.

Marion got a phone call from the police with devastating news.


I know you didn't hurt her.

Gale used to live deep in the jungle.

What has brought you to this city?


I respect Leads.

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There lived once a great queen, in whose garden were found at all seasons the most splendid flowers, and from every land in the world.

Let's talk over a cold beer.

Pick a weapon.


I don't do drugs.

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The regulation was abolished, but then it was reenacted.

Dan came inside and started shouting.

Would you care to bet?


I'm looking out for Lord.

I saw Bradley working on the report this morning.

Shouldn't you be at home with your mother?

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He was not at all satisfied.

Have you ever tried it?

How did you hear the news?


Masanao gave me my first job.

And, to top it all off, he can read Hebrew.

There was no irritation on his part.


No one's home at my place today, so do you want to come over?

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Annard is a drunkard.

Please explain to me what you wish to say by this.

She looks on him as her master.

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You made it easy.

Steven should be afraid.

She has faults, too.

Rodent is bored stiff.

We're contributing.

Don't tell anyone we're doing this.

He drove down to the hotel.

What number should I call in case of an emergency?

Masashi and Takako were at odds with each other over where to spend their vacation.

A dog is a faithful animal, so it is said to be a friend of man.

Teruyuki became a professional golfer after he graduated from college.

I thought you found them.

The lesson of this story is not that reading Shakespeare will help one rise in the business world.

They said that.

He advocated abolishing death penalty distinctions.

Jon would like nothing more than to tell Axel everything.

This letter says that he will arrive on Monday.

Aristotle believed that everything on Earth was made from four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

Do you have any pictures of Boston?

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I took one class, but I've found that real-life experience is much more useful.

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You'd better get here soon.


One of Bjorne's favorite meals is a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup.

Nobody lives forever.

I do not talk in Japanese.

That's what we should be telling them.

Generally speaking, men are taller than women.

Warren Harding was an honest man.

Beverly is used to the work.

How peaceful!

Is Ian still there?

How could anyone not like music?

Why couldn't you listen?

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She left without saying goodbye.

Everyone was shocked by the news.

I think Hienz doesn't like Elvis at all.

Kyung isn't accustomed to doing that.

You may go now.

Elijah is looking out the window.

The air was charged with tension.


His humor is very witty, typically French.

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Where did this money come from?


I'd buy it if I weren't broke.


I like this book better than that one.

That's part of it.

Because of him the music world was changed forever.

It will be difficult to resist the temptation.

The sound of your voice is like siren's song to me.


The hawk caught a mouse.


I punished Diana.

I had dinner with Hillel.

"Third wish?" The man was baffled. "How can it be a third wish if I haven't had a first and second wish?"

That's not okay.

How did you know that Kerry had never been to Boston?

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She knew a lot of songs, too.

I succeeded because of his advice.

You may give this ticket to whoever wants it.


Dan was the head of the family.


That's not what I was thinking.

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The car is screeching.

No matter what your main purpose is in reading, books should never fail to provide contentment and satisfaction.

Victor seemed preoccupied and clearly wasn't listening to what Herve was saying.

It was I who met him.

They experienced emotional pain and despair.

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You must expose the impostors.

We'll never have to do this again.

We haven't had time to do that yet.

That's just what I need right now.

We'll come back tomorrow.


Will you be in Boston next week?


There's still a little of it left.

Brooke unlocked the door and went inside.

It seems that there was no way out of difficulty.

He packed his lunch in a paper bag.

Add a dozen eggs to the list.

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Nobody knew what was going on in my country.

The game is fun.

How's about cooking something up with me?


We're thrilled to be back.

Kick as hard as you can.

He's behaving weirdly.

We don't have a toboggan.

I wish you great happiness in your marriage.


Prior to the Second World War, World War I was referred to as the Great War.